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Chef of the Month August 2018: Jamie Docker

Jamie Docker is the Head Chef at The Fritton Arms, Norfolk. He has forever only known how to cook and has carried this passion through to where he is today.




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"I love using seasonal British ingredients that's what led me to Nurtured in Norfolk. I especially love the range of micros, unusual herbs and flowers and I use them in a lot of my dishes."
"I started using Nurtured in Norfollk's products when I joined the team at Core by Clare Smyth. I particularly enjoy using their lemon verbena, it's flavour and fragrance is unlike any other. After meeting Allan & Sue and visiting their nurseries the passion for what they do is very clear. As a chef it's very inspiring to meet producers who work so hard to supply amazing products and allow us to serve the food we do. I love learning about and tasting new ingredients and I was very lucky to do this at Nurtured in Norfolk, especiallyy with their vast selection of edible flowers."
"Nurtured in Norfolk are my edible flower producer of choice; the flowers I recieve are always incredibly accurate to my reqyests and descriptions - the flowers are always perfectly picked, perfectly packaged and arrive to me in perfect condition; colourful and vibrant and smell sensational! I try to use as much homegrown produce as possible in my baking, from home reared eggs, to homegrown raspberries, apples, sloe gin and elderflower, so be able to decorate my cake in Nurtured in Norfolk's homegrown edible flowers is really the cherry on top! I am so pleased to have found Nurtured in Norfolk; their quality of service and produce astounds me!" 
"One of my favourite garnishes to use is Nurtured in Norfollk's Red Amaranth Micro herb he flavour is so diverse you can use it in anything, savoury or sweet. The rich beetroot flavour compliments anything from a sweet rhubarb to a rich red meat."

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