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β€œI started using Nurtured in Norfolk around 2 years ago, their products are always fresh, high quality and bursting with flavour. When creating new menu ideas there is always a product to compliment my dishes. We get fantastic feedback from our customers about the micro shoots, it's great to have such a successful and local business right here in Norfolk. We use many of the micro shoots and edible flowers, but my favourite is the micro lemon balm. It is a terrific way of adding final touches to any of my desserts.”
"As a Norfolk chef like myself using a company like Nurtured in Norfolk is a real no brainer, it's a local company right on my doorstep. I get my shoots through my vegetable supplier Barsby Produce. Whether you are using their amazing micro shoots for starters, mains or desserts there is an unbelievable choice on offer, and the quality really stands out. Each shoot is bursting with flavour and so vibrant in colour. For me by adding some of these beautiful little shoots can transform a dish and really makes a massive impact not only by taste but also to the eye. I have worked with Nurtured in Norfolk products for many years now, it seems everyone uses them! If you don't then you should. That shows how good they are. Their product list just keeps growing and growing which is fantastic for us chefs. I love using something new and experimenting with new flavours. If you haven't been to see their set up, you really must. Nurtured in Norfolk you are doing a great job, keep up the fantastic work guys."
"My experience as Head Chef at the William & Florence, has allowed me to take full creative control of all my dishes. I want to create the best texture, visual appearance, and of course, the taste. I take pride in using Nurtured, Local Norfolk products in my food. I seek to deliver a quality level of decadence to all my original dishes. Each dish is local, fresh and proudly 'home-grown'. It is refreshing that a company, such as, Nurtured in Norfolk can provide such reliable, quality produce. It has allowed the food at the William & Florence, to stand out, and become memorable for the customers. This produce has also helped to ferment the William and Florence on the map of respectability and enjoyment, in Norfolk's current 'Foodie Scene'.
"Being a busy restaurant in Norwich City Centre, I want to create dishes that stand out and visually look stunning but accessible to everyone, with Nurtured in Norfolk's vast product range I can achieve this. I started using Nurtured in Norfolk products around 3 years ago, but in the last year I find myself using more and more, and being local is even better! There are so many products I haven't tried before and I find myself and my team getting inspired tasting something new. The quality is outstanding and you can see the care and pride taken. As a chef, I want to do justice to the product I use."

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