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New Herb Edible Flowers

13th July 2018

Coriander Flowers - On the palate our Coriander Flowers has lemony citrus notes that are balanced out by a spicy sweet bite and finishes with a subtle texture. These edible flowers have an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K, as well as containing antioxidants and chemicals with antibacterial properties.

Chervil Flowers - Our Chervil Flowers have a delicate aniseed flavours. Sprinkle on salads or vegetables just before serving so the flavour isnt lost. They can also be baked with for delicately flavoured cakes or shortbread.

Lemon Bergamot Flowers - Nurtured in Norfolk's Lemon Bergamot Flowers have a strojng lemon scent and taste which are excellent in teas and cooking. Did you also know that infusing these edible flowers helps improves colds, coughs, nausea and sore throats!