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Chef Coleman

23rd May 2018

Blade of beef | smoked champ | nasturtium | onion | beef jus


1 blade of beef (approx. 500g)

100g butter

2 sticks of thyme


Nasturtium puree:

200g nasturtium leaves

1 large maris piper

1 large banana shallot

100ml water

50ml cream

200g watercress


Pickled onions:

4 baby onions

100ml white wine vinegar

100ml white wine

2 tsps. crushed juniper berries


Smoked champ:

1kg maris piper potato

50ml cream

50g butter

2 spring onions

Smoking chips

Shallot rings:

1 large banana shallot

50ml milk

50g flour

5g ground star anise

Beef jus:

10g red chilli

10g ginger

20g coriander stalk

50ml port

50ml madeira

1 clove black garlic

500ml beef stock


5 smalls nasturtium leafs

2 nasturtium flowers

Burnt onion powder




Trim all the sinew and fat of the blade

Season both sides

Place in a vac pack bag with the thyme and half the butter

Seal and cook in a water bath at 55c for 45 mins

Then take out of bag colour outside of meat

Allow to rest then carve


Nasturtium puree:

Finely slice shallots and sweat down

Finely dice potatoes and add to shallots

Add nasturtium leaves

Cover with the water

Leave to cook out

Add the watercress and cream

Then puree till smooth

Pass and set aside in a bottle


Pickled onions:

Place wine and vinegar in a pan and bring to the boil

Add crushed juniper and thyme

Cut baby onions in half with root on

Place in vac pack with liquor and seal

Remove from the bag

Blowtorch the heart of the onion

Then separate the leaves

Set aside till plating


Smoked champ:

Peel the potatoes and place in pan cook till soft

Finely chop the spring onion

When potatoes cooked place in smoker

When smoker pass through a drum sieve

Beat in spring onion, butter and cream

Place in piping bag


Shallot rings:

Slice shallot rings as fine as possible on a mandolin

Soak shallot rings in milk

Then dry off dust in the flour and star anise mix

Deep fry at 160c till crisp

Set aside


Beef jus:

Finely chop and sweat down the garlic, chilli, ginger, coriander

Add port and reduce

Add madeira and reduce

Add beef stock reduce till right consistency

Pass through a sieve