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Chef Coleman

23rd May 2018

Goats Curd Mousse | Sea Buckthorn | Carrot Sponge | Peanut

Goats Curd Mousse:

375g curd

160g cream cheese

150g crème fraiche

100g sugar

½ orange zest

½ lemon zest

8 leaves gelatine

100ml double cream

Sea Buckthorn and Carrot Sorbet:

325ml carrot juice

200g sugar

200ml water

25ml glucose

125ml sea buck throne puree

1 lemon juiced2 gelatine leaves

5g super neturose

Sea Buckthorn Curd:

1 gelatine leaf

70ml Buckthorn puree

50g sugar

40g egg yolks

50g eggs

50g butter

Peanut Mousse:

136g white chocolate

240g peanut butter

600g cream

1 gelatine leaf

Caramel Carrot:

250g baby carrots

200g sugar

50 ml water

25g butter

Carrot Cake:

75g veg oil

125g self-rising flour

1 tsp baking powder

125g light brown sugar

2 eggs

130g carrots

50g peanuts



Curd Mousse:

Soak the gelatine in 50ml water

Add all ingredients in a blender except the cream, blend till smooth

Warm 50ml milk, add gelatine and add to blender

Allow mix to set then beat in the 100ml cream and set in moulds



Bring all the ingredients to the boil

Allow to cool

Churn till needed



On a main Marie add all the ingredients except the gelatine,

Bloom the gelatine in 50ml water

When the curd has thickened add the gelatine

Allow to cool


Peanut Mousse:

Bring the cream to the boil

Pour on to the chocolate and peanut butter

Allow to set


Caramel Carrots:

Bring the ingredients to the boil

Add carrots and cook until glazed and tender

Allow to cool



Peanut praline

Red vein sorrel

Carrot powder