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A Circus of Taste

Chambers Cocktail Company

23rd May 2018

Buck Rogers Mocktail | Mint

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The Cake Shop Bakery

23rd May 2018

Bakewell Tart | Apple Blossom

Combining the produce from Hodmedod (chickpea flour), Fen Farm Dairy (Raw Butter), Norfolk Saffron, DJ Wines Strawberry Liqueur, East Gate Larder Medlar Jelly, Nurtured in Norfolk's Apple Blossom, and the wonderful English Whiskey all combined using a recipe from The Cake Shop Bakery. That's a total collaboration of six producers in one gorgeous little tart, and encompasses the spirit that Marwan Badran and his team instilled throughout the weekend. 

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Chef Badran

26th March 2018

Luxury Borderland Cassoulet


A contemporary and playful take on the classic bean and meat stew of South West France, full of incredible flavours and textures. Perfect to feed a crowd.

This Collaborative dish was created by Marwan Badran of Mouth.Events and Annie Nichols of Hot Meals Now to celebrate the diversity of Suffolk/Norfolk borderland produce. Using micro vegetables, herbs and flowers from Nurtured in Norfolk; pork and chorizo from Marsh Pig Charcuterie; beans, barley and Carmelina seeds from Hodmedod; extra virgin olive oil, Oak Smoked, Lemon and Truffle Cold pressed rapeseed oil Infusions from Yare Valley Oils and Butter from Old Hall Farm Dairy

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