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About chef Raffo

28th May 2018

"I started working in kitchens at the age of 15 as a pot wash and worked my way up there. I attended Highbury Catering College in Portsmouth where I'm from and achieved my NVQ's. From there I got my head down and make I worked in all aspects of catering from cafés, gastro pubs to fine dining restaurants and hotels. The best even though undoubtedly the hardest of all those experiences, was my time spent in London at a number of Michelin starred establishments. People often ask what is my food style and where do I get my inspiration. I wouldn't say I have a style I create what I think tastes nice and works together, then plate the dish as artistic and beautifully as I can. I get most of my inspiration from nature and from Nordic Chefs such as Esben Holmboe, Bank Chef of Maaemo or René Redzepi, Chef of Noma. Although inspiration can come from anywhere and strike at any time."