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Chef Lowrey

23rd May 2018

Halibut|Apple|Tempura Oyster|Borage|Lumpfish Roe

200g Halibut

500g Green Apples

250g Butter

125g Demerara Sugar

100g Cornflour

50g Plain Flour

50g Gram Flour

100ml Sparkling Water 


20g Lumpfish Roe 

200g Dill

50g neutral Oil (Vegetable) 

25g Heavy (double) Cream

2 Rock Oyster 




Apple Puree:


Peel and roast the apples with the butter, and sugar. Really well roast the apples until deep dark brown as this gives you the colour in the end product, which will result in a smooth,  creamy deep caramel apple taste. Blend until smooth, Pass though a fine sieve. (Keep warm to serve). 



Dill oil:


Take the Dill. And the oil. Heat the oil to 100°, pour into a blender on top of the Dill, high power for 10 minutes until the colour has full "bled" into the oil, place into a bowl with ice underneath and chill. (ready to serve) 




Take the dry ingredients of plain corn and Gram Flour. Season. Keep back about 10 grams of Gram flour for the Oyster itself. Combine dry pour in your sparkling water.


Place 1 Oyster in the Gram Flour and then the batter mix fry on 190 for one minute. Do this right before serving this dish. 


Heavy Oyster Cream:


Boil the cream by half, season, whisk in 25g butter, Place in second Oyster, and stick blend until smooth 




Cook the fish for about 3 minutes on one side on medium heat in non stick pan, once turned take off the heat and leave in the pan, the residulent heat will cook the fish.